The coverage liability of property damage helps for the payment of the damages caused by another motor vehicle or different damages caused to the property.

In case of an accident, the coverage liability of the property damage will help you by covering all the damages caused for which you are responsible.

If you are insured at Eurosig and you have suffered a damage, please complete the claims statement according to the category and send it to Claims Department.

Eurosig has offer always her support for the education, art, culture, public institutions, people in need by financing dozen activities organized inside and outside of the country. Some of the activities you will find as follows:

Eurosig has paid big attention to social responsibility by organizing human resources and financial support to the community not only on the field where she operates but even more on cultural, artistic and media field etc.

Eurosig continuously has offered financial support for many activities like as exhibitions of painting, book promotions, public institutions, musical events, theatrical act, sports activity but the most important to be mentioned is the promotion of Albanian values and tradition inside and outside of the country.

Contact: +355 (0) 4 45 00 003 / +355 69 70 83080

Report Damage

Download one of the forms below for the damage you want to report, complete it with the exact details and submit it to the Damage Directory.