Monetary Funds Insurance


Kontrollo Sigurimin në e-Albania

Monetary Funds Insurance

For banking institutions, EUROSIG offers special insurance policies related to banking activities which ofer coverage for vast array of perils, which could potentially damage your bank’s activities.

Cash in Safe Insurance (CIS)
  1. Cash in Safe Insurance (CIS) insures monetary funds located at the service windows, in the safe and other places these funds might be kept in from theft and robbery. This insurance policy covers banknotes of various kinds of currency, including Albanian Lek up to the limit specified in the policy. EUROSIG will indemnify the Insured for any losses or damages of the insured funds as a result of forced and/or violent entry and/or exit to or from the Insured premises.
Cash in Transit Insurance (CIT)
  1. Cash in Transit Insurance (CIT) insures monetary funds during their transportation by currier or vehicle from perils such as theft, robbery etc. Banknotes of different kinds of currency may be insured, including Albanian Lek, up to the limit specified in the Policy.

           Coverage for this policy begins the moment the funds are loaded into the vehicle and ends with the delivery of these funds at their destination. Transportation must be carried out under guard by employees or under guard of the transport or security company.